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  • About Openview?
    Openview is South Africa's first free-to-air satellite TV service platform. Currently with over 18 TV and 28 radio you get non-stop entertainment for the whole family. You only have to pay once, there are no contracts and, most importantly, No Monthly Payments! Available at leading retailers nationwide for R699 once-off purchase– please visit for more information.
  • Tell me more about Ultraview?
    Ultraview is a paid extension to the Openview family. With ONE decoder, you have the option to experience two worlds. In addition to Openview’s free service and channels, you can now access a pay TV option for a monthly fee, allowing you to enjoy exclusive content. Your current Openview service will always be available, and always remain free though.
  • How do I unlock Ultraview?
    Visit to subscribe to Ultraview for a monthly fee. Once you have subscribed simply select the Ultraview option on your tv by selecting menu on your Openview remote. The monthly fee is charged per bouquet and not per channel. You will need a compatible Openview decoder to unlock Ultraview. Openview decoder models that support Ultraview include: NA9200, KSTB2184, KSTB2143.
  • What can I enjoy on Ultraview?
    Ultraview currently offers two bouquets comprising of two channels each. We will be adding more bouquets in the near future. SPICE BOUQUET - Zee Family and Star Select Star Select is a premium Hindi entertainment channel from The Walt Disney Company. The channel is focused on its philosophy of creating the most exciting, emotional, and phenomenal programming and bringing the best variety of entertainment and Bollywood blockbusters, to its viewers. Star Select as an entertainment hotspot that offers something interesting for all age groups, making the channel a family destination. Zee Family is a 24-hour, general entertainment channel from India in Hindi with English subtitles. The channel caters to families showcasing award-winning romance and drama series, blockbuster movies, lifestyle/cookery and reality shows.
  • How much does Ultraview cost per month?
    To access Ultraview, you need to own an Openview decoder (This is a once-off purchase of R699 for the decoder or a once-off purchase – please visit for more information). Thereafter, to enjoy exclusive content, you can unlock Ultraview by subscribing for a monthly fee per bouquet. The monthly fee is charged per bouquet and not per channel. eDGE – R74,99 per month. SPICE - R119.99 per month.
  • How do I subscribe to Ultraview?
    Find exclusive content on Ultraview, just for you! Let’s Unlock Ultraview together Go to your web browser and type in · Click on register. · Enter your name, surname, email, mobile number (Enter your mobile number without the "0" +2782 XXX XXXX), and select your province from the dropdown list. · (You have the option to register via email or mobile). · Then click on REGISTER. *Remember to agree to the terms and conditions* · Once your account has been created, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number or email address. This is needed to securely complete your registration. *Please ensure you activate your Openview STB (decoder) before you add it to your account.* · Once your email address/or mobile number has been verified, you will be directed to the home page, where you will be able to add STBs to your account (in some cases STB numbers may already be linked to your account, if you had previously captured your email address with the call centre). · Select the bouquet you would like to unlock. · Once you have selected the SPICE bouquet, an OTP number will then pop up on your STB to activate your viewing. Enter this number onto the Ultraview portal to finalise the addition to your viewing experience. · You will receive a message on your tv screen to confirm your successful registration. Happy viewing – click on the bouquet to start viewing.
  • How do I switch between Openview and Ultraview?
    1 Select the OK button on your Openview remote and select your viewing experience by selecting ULTRAVIEW PRIDE or ULTRAVIEW SPICE. Should you want to view Openview channels, select the OK button on your Openview remote and select OPENVIEW. 2 OR - Press TV button and Select the ULTRAVIEW PRIDE or ULTRAVIEW SPICE and the channel you want to view
  • How many Openview STB's (decoders) can I register on one profile?
    A viewer can register up to five (5) Openview STB’s (decoders) per Ultraview profile
  • How does the billing work?
    You can subscribe to Ultraview bouquets with your Credit/Debit Cards or EFT. Billing is pre-billed and done monthly from the date of activation/ subscription. Should you want to change your billing dates, please contact Customer Care. The fee is recurring monthly until cancelled by yourself (you can cancel at any time).
  • What is the Ultraview refund policy?
    Ultraview is billed on a month - month basis. Should you cancel your subscription during the course of the month, there is no refund. The services will remain active until the end of the billing cycle.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Want to take a break from exclusive Ultraview content? Sign into YOUR ACCOUNT Click on your subscription tab (next to home) Select CANCEL, and follow the prompts. We hope to see you back soon!
  • I missed a payment, my account is suspended, what now?
    Not a problem, you can re-activate your subscription at any time by visiting, log into your profile and process the payment.
  • Do I need to buy a new Openview STB (decoder)?
    You will only be required to purchase an new Openview STB (decoder) if you do not have a compatible model. Compatible Openview decoder models are: NA9200, KSTB2184, KSTB2143
  • How do I lock a channel on Ultraview?
    Press MENU Select SETTINGS and then select SYSTEM SETTINGS and press OK, Select LOCK CONTROL and enter Lock Pin (1234), Select CHANNEL LOCK, by default the channel lock is set to OFF. Press OK and select ON to lock the channel
  • How do I add parental control on Ultraview?
    Press MENU Select SETTINGS and then select SYSTEM SETTINGS and press OK Select PARENTAL RATING LOCK and then choose the appropriate PG rating that you want to set. Default Parental Control PIN is 1234 You can also change the PIN to your own PIN
  • How do I remove a B-Mail message?
    Press MENU Select B-Mail Select the b-mail to be deleted Press the Red Button to delete the b-mail.
  • How do I remove an OSD message?
    · Press any button on the remote except the V+ V- button.
  • Reactivation of box and no secure device; smart card expired
    Follow the normal USSD and select CLEAR ERROR CODES and follow prompts.
  • Experiencing error signal messages
    o press HELP and check the signal strength and quality. These must all be above 80%. If it is less, call an installer to fix the installation. o If it is raining, wait until the rain subsides and then confirm if the problem disappears. o When using a smart LNB or SATCR LNB, ensure that the LNB setting is set to SATCR and that you do not use the same userband if you have more than one STB. (e.g. userband 1 for STB1, userband 2 for STB2 etc.) Please confirm if it’s SAT CR or SATCR
  • How to Scan and Search channels
    Channel Scan Press Menu button Go to Settings Scroll down to Installation Select Search Channel and press OK On the remote control press Red button to scan Channel Search Press Menu button Go to Settings Scroll down to Installation Select Automatic Search and press Ok On Antenna Settings select Yes
  • Customer Care
    Ultraview Customer Care 0861 444 244 or
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